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About Mi

More than just an Internet Marketer, I am also an Entrepreneur.

My Mission is to help business owners generate more revenue through Internet Marketing. Results Guaranteed.

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Why Internet Marketing?

1. More Visitors = More Revenue.

2. Customers are Online

Statistics of Asians Spending Time Online

When customers are spending more time online, there is little reason you should not go online.

Follow customers, and customers will follow you.

3. Remind Customers that You EXIST!!

With so many choices in the market, you need to stand out from your competitors.

Read Malaysians Rank Among The World’s Most Keen Online Shoppers

4. Because You Can't Afford Not to Have One

Graph that shows increasing number of websites being set up every year

More companies are setting up websites to engage with customers everyday,
chances are, your competitors already have one,
should you be left out?

A Website without Traffic is like setting up a shop in a desert. Internet Marketing fixes a giant balloon with GPS above the shop.

My Solutions To You

My solutions are delivered with years of experience, strong team and passionate about making my clients MORE revenue.

Are you ready to increase your sales revenue?

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My Testimonials

  • Jeremi has done a tremendous work for my ecommerce website and my site's page rank leaps by 3 pages after 4 weeks of his implementation. I started receiving enquiries from customers as well as event organizer for a renowned event sponsorships.

    YJ, CocoBanana Singapore

Our Team

I am also part of MYSG Internet Marketing Team that has excellent and rock-solid results. We build businesses with our skills. We venture into different industries. We help business owners generate more revenue than ever before.

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Jaya One, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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