Simple PCB Calculator

Monthly Tax Deduction 2024 for Malaysia Tax Residents

{{}}Taxable monthly income subjected to EPF deduction .00
+ Allowance | Bonus
.00 .00
- Allowance | Bonus
Number of Kids: {{data.childNo}}

Tax Resident:{{localResident()}}
EPF Rate:20%19%18%17%16%15%14%13%12%11%10%9%5.5%
(-) EPF Contribution:{{ epfContribution(income.salary()+income.bonus()) | currency:"RM"}}
(-) Social Security (SOCSO):{{ socsoBracket(1) | currency:"RM"}}
(-) Employee Insurance (EIS):{{ eisBracket() | currency:"RM"}}
Annual Taxable Income Before Relief:{{ annualGross() + income.bonus()| currency:"RM"}}
Annual Taxable Income After Relief:{{ annualNettAfterRelief() + income.bonus() | currency:"RM"}}
Total Annual Tax:{{ totalPayableTax(annualNettAfterRelief() + income.bonus()) | currency:"RM"}}
(-) Monthly Tax Deduction (PCB):{{ monthlyReductionAfterRounding() | currency:"RM"}}
(-) Tax Deduction (PCB) on Bonus Month:{{ currentMonthPayablePcb() | currency:"RM"}}
Net Salary:{{ getNetMonthlySalary() | currency:"RM"}}

About Simple PCB Calculator - PCB Calculator Made Easy

Simple PCB Calculator is a monthly tax deduction calculator that calculates income tax required by LHDN, Malaysia. PCB stands for Potongan Cukai Berjadual in Malaysia national language. The acronym is commonly known for monthly tax deduction among many Malaysians.

Simple PCB Calculator offers quick, accurate and easy calculations to Malaysian tax payers to calculate PCB, which covers all basic tax reliefs such as individual, EPF contribution, spouse and children relief. It aims to be a minimalist alternative to the Official PCB calculator. The Simple PCB Calculator is compatible with most popular browsers and mobile devices.

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